Montag, 3. März 2014

How a Professional Locksmith Help You keep burglars out and families safe

A locksmith is a trained professional having the skills to make and break locks. There are of course other duties such as making keys and unlocking car doors. Locksmiths have saved lives by unlocking car doors with small children inside. Locksmiths can be called to help homeowners who have locked themselves out of the house. Unless there is an emergency, most police officers prefer a locksmith does the unlocking. The tools used by police officers in an emergency can damage door mechanisms.

The closing is done, and the new owners have been handed the keys to their new home. The house although was built specifically for the owners any number of people may have a key. Subcontractors, cleaning crews and even individuals in the real estate business can have a key to the new home. Contractors need access to work, and they may have had a copy made for the plumber. Realtors would normally have access to a key through the lockbox system.

Some real estate personal may not have the code and borrow a key from the developer. A previously owned home might have any number of keys that where copied. The neighbor has one in case of emergency, or when the owner is out of town they water the plants and collect mail. Each of the children, grown or otherwise would have a key or multiple keys. The number of people that might have a key grows.

Many homes have different, keyed locks on each entrance. There are options of course owners can change out all the door handles and dead bolts at considerable expense. Therefore, the children and owners would have multiple keys all fitting different entrance locks. Even though, the home was built specifically for the owners, a locksmith should be called. Changing out all the hardware creates the problem of every entrance having a different key. Calling a professional locksmith will not only save time but will save money.

Locksmiths will not have to change out the doors hardware. One key no matter if it is the front or back door. While there, the locksmith can do a security evaluation on the current locks and possibly make recommendations. If the home is still secured with the original locks, the homeowner has no idea who may have a key. Stop and consider who may have had keys and homeowners will find the list can be a long one. They can key every lock on each door to the same key.

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